Tom Brady for President!

January 24, 2008

Some of our products are skin-able, allowing users to express their opinions or state their affiliations within our products. These skins are mostly user submitted, but are published for all users to see and reuse, so we can observe some interesting things about skin usage and popularity.

Here’s the relative popularity of skins referring to NFL players (italicized) and US presidential candidates combined in a single list:

  1. Brady
  2. Obama
  3. Favre
  4. E.Manning
  5. P.Manning
  6. Tomlinson
  7. Mccain
  8. Clinton
  9. Huckabee
  10. Romney
  11. Edwards
  12. Giuliani

The absolute counts are quite large, the skin selection is exclusive (you cannot set more than one), the product audience is an important get-out-the-vote demographic, so the order of this list is at least somewhat significant.  I read somewhere that Obama was favored on the internets (or is it just facebook?), and sure enough, he has over twice the “votes” of the next presidential candidate, but Tom Brady can definitely take him — he’s got almost a 20% lead over Barak.